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Bakri Chhap Consulting

Given our expertise in the field of creating immersive travel experience by integrating the local rural populace, we’ve been approached by multiple state tourism boards to partner with them in similar such initiatives in their respective states. We have already started work with the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Board, in similar capacity across multiple villages in Chanderi & Indore

Madhya Pradesh Tourism

We’re happy to share that Madhya Pradesh Rural Tourism development board has signed MOU with us (Bakri Chaap Agrotourism and Natural Products Pvt. Limited) for next three years for 6 villages in Chanderi and 3 tribal villages near Indore, to develop rural tourism destinations by providing subsidies, training and marketing support to homestay and farm owners.

It’s a moment of honor for us as Madhya Pradesh Rural Tourism board has been recipient of this year’s World Responsible Tourism, WTM London Gold award and UNWTO awards, setting up a history and bench mark in responsible community-based tourism.


Planeterra is the leading community tourism organization working to improve lives around the world. Established in 2003 by entrepreneur, author and philanthropist Bruce Poon Tip, Planeterra is a non-profit organization that has contributed millions of dollars towards projects in areas of social enterprise, healthcare, conservation, and emergency response. It’s activities are

 ● Community tourism enterprise development

● Capacity building for community enterprises

● Market connectivity for community enterprises


Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd have partnered/ collaborated with Planeterra to support, empower and encourage rural communities and provide them with the necessary tools to thrive and sustain and to promote sustainable and responsible tourism

Uttar Pradesh Tourism

BakriChhap is empaneled with Uttar Pradesh Government Tourism department. We shall be creating and marketing thematic rural tourism experiences in clusters around 10 villages and position them as ‘MUST DO’ for the responsible tourists travelling to Uttar Pradesh.