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Be Our Co-Creator – Volunteer with Us

Be Our Co-Creator – Volunteer with Us

We are a social enterprise founded with the purpose of ushering in sustainable social and environmental changes in the hilly terrains of Uttarakhand. Anyone who is aware of the Indian rural sector canvas and ease of operating for first generation enterprises like ours; would know how tumultuous our journey can be. We operate in a highly infrastructure, capital and skill deficient ecosystem; where our efforts and energy is spent in structural and cultural reforms using tourism as a prop to help the fence-sitting rural flock in the towns and cities reverse migrate and find more long lasting and sustainable engagement in their indigenous age-old professions back in their otherwise abandoned homes, farmlands and villages.

There are three broad categories in this space with us, mentioned below –

  1. On-site at our Theme Villages
  2. On-site at The Hideouts
  3. Off-site volunteering

On-Site At Our Theme Villages


Per day Cost





One week

INR 1000

Telephonic interview

Story Telling, Farming & content creation.

Stay in Condominium (cottage subject to availability). All meals, Morning and evening tea with snacks

Acknowledgment of administrative & responsible tourism guidelines

8 to 14 Days

INR 850

Same as above

Story Telling, Farming, content creation & Assistance in kitchen

Same as above

Same as above

15 days to one month

INR 700

Same as above

Same as above

Same as above

Same as above

One month to & above

INR 500

Same as above

Same as above + SOS basis

Same as above

Same as above


  1. Aspiring volunteers are required to submit the 100% payment in advance before arrival
  2. GST as applicable

2. On-site at The Hideouts The Hideouts by Bakri Chhap far-flung villages of Uttarakhand are owned and managed by local village owners, trained by us. These are no-frill basic offering to the tourists, with unmatched wilderness. More about The Hideouts: http://bit.ly/TGVHideouts

Cost: Pay What You Like  in lieu of articulating your experience.
Duration: As mutually agreed.
Responsibilities: Content Curation for website, social media and newsletters.

3. Off-site volunteering


  • A. Project writing
  • B. Media Management
  • C. Sales & Marketing
  • D. Accounting & Legal
  • E. Bakri Chhap collection centre
  • F. Desi-Incubator


Based on the above options, you can let us know your specific details and we will touch base with you at the earliest. You can write to  contact@bakrichhap.com