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Be our Guest on Pay What You Like

Be our Guest on Pay What You Like

We invite travel and adventure enthusiasts to visit, experience and evaluate the services at our newly launched Eco Villages without any compulsion of payment. The visitor decides on the price of experience on return and shares the justified amount. The concept replaces the very traditional “Value for Money” criteria of service evaluation to “Money for Value”.

The entire concept revolves around encouraging and promoting evolved and progressive population from cities to spend some quality time with villagers, understand their survival issues, learn from their best practices of living, labour contribution at their farm and thus boosting them for their efforts and quality life full of oxygen and happiness.  This exchange of care and respect aim to increase self-esteem and willingness to continue efforts towards rebuilding their villages. The drive also endeavours to popularize the uses of Himalayan Produces and some very rare nutritious cereals and fruits which is at present limited only to the state due to lack of marketing and consumer awareness. The meals served to the visitors are purely regional and created from local produces. Guest will also have option of joining the farming practices in the region and take away the memories and adding to the size of market for Himalayan Produces.

Can you also not pay anything on PWYL?

Yes, it totally depends on your experience of services and willingness to pay an amount for the value that you receive.

What the max. you can stay at TGV under PWYL?

Maximum stay duration is 2 nights/ 3 Days.

Can you book the entire resort for as long as you like under PWYL?

The number of rooms allocated for this offer is solely discretion of management.

Say if people don’t pay you the fair value, how would you sustain the project?

The offer is a marketing initiative to connect the market with the products and people and to understand the affordability of guests for such experience. Hence, there are other operational and revenue strategies at place to support this offer. For example, the traveller also ends up becoming the becoming the buyer & brand advocate of our Natural Himalayan Produce. The other safety net is that the type of socially evolved traveller who are going to travel for such experiences, are likely to end up paying something.

How you can maintain service quality without professionals on ground?

We are roping in volunteers from leading hotels under CSR to give hospitality kits and superlative training and skill development for the villagers/farmers. On the other hand, ‘No expectations – No obligations holidays’ concept brings expectations of the traveller on the lowest denominator hence reducing pressure on conventional operational excellence.

How did you conceptualize? is this borrowed or your own concept?

It’s a virgin idea born out of years of experience and feedbacks from end users to replace “Value for Money” way of assessing services to “Money for Value”.

What other experiences besides stay and meals?

You have a bouquet of unique experiences like, Trekking, Local Culinary Experience, Farming, Community Services etc.

Bakri Chhap differentiators?

Unique location, pollution less environments (noise pollution included), Culturally rich experiences & experienced trekking/hiking support team especially trained by NIM.

What Social & Environmental changes do you envisage through?

  • Reducing carbon foot-print by discouraging trend of concrete construction in the name of hospitality and tourism infrastructure.
  • It will create employment to the villagers.
  • Generating more footfall meaning more brand ambassadors for Himalayan farm produces.
  • Cultural cross exposure to both service provider and traveller.
  • Self-esteem booster for the villagers when they come to know from traveller that their quality of life is better than city dwellers
  • Sensitizing feeling for reverse migration.
Standard Rate plan of Bakri Chhap Agro tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd
S.No Name of Destination Plan Double sharing Family suite
1 The Goat Village, Nagtibba AP 10500/-
2 The Goat Village, Dayara Bugyal AP 8640/-
3 The women Village, Matholi AP 5500/-
4 The hideout Upasana, Jim corbett Ramnagar AP 7800/-
5 The hideout Pantwari, Pantwari EP 3800/- 5500/-
6 The Hideout Kanatal AP 7200/-
7 The hideout Gorcha AP 5500/-
8 The wooden house, Pantwari AP 7500/-
9 The Hideout Urgam valley Pay what you like
10 The Hideout Annotha  Anjooth Pay what you like
11 My Moms Village, Shivpur Estate, Basti (U.P) Ongoing Project (Accommodation can arrange only case to case basis )
12 The Bird Village,Mukteshwar, Nainital Ongoing Project (Accommodation can arrange only case to case basis )