Gifts that Give Back: Support Sustainable Farming and Rural Development

The Gift of Goodness: Uttarakhand’s Best Diwali Gifts for a Healthy, Tasty, and Eco-Friendly Celebration!

This year for Diwali, we’re asking people to support our mission by gifting one of our Diwali Gift Hampers. These hampers contain grains and other food items are filled with the purity and promise of Himalaya.

Sustainable Gifts: Show Your Love for the Planet this Festive Season

We have taken on the challenging task of giving reverse traceability to the end farmer from whose micro farm the grain in your packet was sourced. Everything you choose from is the work of local farmers like Radha Devi, from village Chilot – who had only 10 kg of Chaulai (Amranth) to spare for selling. This means that there will be only 20 packets of 500gm of Chaulai which shall bear her name and her details for the customer to connect with her.

Reverse Traceability: Trace every grain right back to the farmer who brought it out of the earth

These gift hampers are filled with the love, efforts, and most importantly, the faith of hundreds of small, micro & marginalized farmers of remote high-altitude regions of Garhwal Himalayas, who still believe in their age-old traditional farming practices.

In a world where the biggest problems are caused by ‘too much of the right things, Bakri Chhap is all about ‘too little of the right things. We want to give you that little bit of love you need.

The Gift of Goodness: Healthy, Tasty, and Eco-Friendly Gifts

Gift Bakri Chhap products to your close ones and light up the homes of our farmer community

Ababal Singh Kaintura

Ababal Singh Kaintura is an experienced farmer with 5 children, who has the wisdom to understand the local weather systems. He provided 384 kilos of red rice to us. He resides in Chilot village.

Priyanka Devi

Priyanka Devi lives in Tipri village in Uttarkashi District along with her husband and her mother-in-law. She is school educated and desires to study further while keeping her grounded in farming family practices.

Pratima Devi

Pratima Devi from Chilot village in Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand is an old widow who lives with her daughter-in-law. They depend entirely on farming and are happy to be part of the Bakri Chhap Farmer Community

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