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Hideout Anjooth

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Please Note: We mostly operate from remote areas with frugal connectivity and electricity therefore there might be a probability that you could not reach us on the above mentioned numbers. In this scenario please drop us a whats app message on +91-8755429629 or email us on thegoatvillages@gmail.com and we will get back to you for sure!

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Anjooth is an area of unique natural beauty, in the Uttarkashi district. Guests are invited to join the host, Mukesh Jagmohan Sign Chauhan and his family, at The Hideout. The guest will leave feeling like part of Mukesh’s family and part of his vision: to rejuvenate mountain homes whilst preserving the local traditions and communities.

The convenient way to get here is to come from Dehradun and as you climb higher up the mountains, the rush and business of the city blends away. The fresh air and quiet surroundings make way for a fresh perspective, as arriving in the village feels like a step back in time. Centuries old traditions of women collecting grass for their livestock in giant heaps on their back and cleaning their rice crop on their roof add to this feeling. This inhalation of new air into your lungs extends to your heart as you realise the kindness of strangers, because in the mountains there are no strangers – a friend of Mukesh is a friend of every house.

Another thing that blends is all forms of tourism. One of the most appealing things about staying here that it is completely devoid of other tourists.

The Space

Guests will visit the modern family village house but the majority of their time will be spent at the traditional farmhouse. The house is only accessible by a 4 km trek, which adds to the feeling of a hideout. The farm house is a back to basics experience, the two bottom rooms where the family kept their cattle until recently, and the two top rooms have been converted into the kitchen and sleeping areas. At the moment there is no running water or washroom, so in order to get to the water supply one must walk about ten minutes making it an engaged experience. The farm house is surrounded by an utterly undisturbed landscape, where one can catch occasional unexpected glimpses of the snow capped Himalayas. Yards away is the families’ own temple, where you are encouraged to join them in worship. The ingredients for cooking are fresh and locally sourced and cooked over a traditional wood fire which produce a distinct okay flavour. Each day focuses on a different way to connect with nature – birdwatching, trekking, foraging for food – all of which Mukesh has a wealth of knowledge about. Guests are free to spend their time as they wish, however, it's advisable to take a break from hectic lives and follow the gentle schedule of the traditional mountain home.



Our culture had embraced “Atithi Devo Bhavah" in real terms when friends, families and sometimes perfect strangers used to visit our homes, enjoy non pretentious hospitality and give something heartfelt in some form or the other, as per one's capacity – as a token of goodwill gesture. The culture is on the brink of extinction so are we as compassionate humans. With 'Pay What You Like', we are making a small but honest attempt to revive this practice in our village tourism destinations. You don't ask us what you need to pay – you be our guest – Evaluate the degree of contentment you have achieved with the regional meals and then Pay What You Like, in the drop box with your name and feedback, in an envelope provided to you at the time of departure.