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Hideout Jim Corbett

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Please Note: We mostly operate from remote areas with frugal connectivity and electricity therefore there might be a probability that you could not reach us on the above mentioned numbers. In this scenario please drop us a whats app message on +91-8755429629 or email us on thegoatvillages@gmail.com and we will get back to you for sure!

While 'reverse migration of humans' was our social responsibility plank at The Goat Villages (by The Green People), 'reverse migration of wild creatures' will be our champion cause here. And instead of focusing on big mammals like tigers and elephants, we will concentrate on bottom of the food chain creatures like birds, reptiles and insects. Our 'Walk the Talk' initiative, through which we will train local women as tour guides for village tours and lessen the burden of traditional jungle safaris on the regional ecosystem, is a step towards realizing that cause.

Tapasya by The Hideouts is located in Kupi orwhat we fondly call Chidiya Gaon (The Bird Village) in Marchula, Uttarakhand, and it is everything a typical hilly tourist spot is not. Faraway from the main hub and din of popular resorts and hotels in the Jim Corbett National Park area, this place is perfect to calm the city dweller's weary nerves. And with a tributary of the Ramganga river passing right through our habitat, it is easy to lose yourself in nature here. All you need to do is just get here and we'll help you do nothing. Sustainability being our key driving force, we have tried to keep the places minimalistic and rustic as possible.

Things To Do

Walk the Talk
A walking tour that is an interpretive infotainment experience with a blend of humor, environmental education, flora, fauna, local cuisine and culture
River Trail
Walk by the gurgling mountain river culminating in the confluence of Kumaon and Garhwal hills
Lazing by the riverside
Cooking with wood - fire
Variation of outdoor meal venues
Bonfire experience
Mud bathing
Mud bathing in in-house pond during monsoon


8 neat and
basic cottages
2 Dormitories and tents available on demand
Cold water in abundance, hot water rationed
Weather Conditions
Star and moonlit open air sleeping arrangements possible

Responsible Tourism

With a pledge to protect the micro-cultures of the communities we we work around, we request our guests to abide by the following guidelines:

  • We appreciate and respect the colors and sounds of nature. Please, dress in colors that blend with the natural environment
  • Take pictures but without disturbing wildlife
  • No loud music allowed
  • Burying, burning or otherwise disposing non-biodegradable or toxic waste prohibited
  • Please carry back your non-biodegradable litter
  • In a bid to conserve water, we encourage guests to carry their own soaps and toiletries
  • Please carry your own torch
  • This being a wildlife enriched place, guests are requested not to venture outside the habitat after dark
  • Guests are to take responsibility of their belongings

What's On Offer

  • Eight cottages amid vast agriculture fields and mango & litchi orchards
  • Located in the middle of the forest, surrounded by hills
  • Rivulet passing through our own habitat
  • Open cafe with mountain and river view
  • Highly diverse flora and fauna, including lesser known birds and mammals
  • Biodiversity hotspot owing to tributary of Ramganga river
  • Regional and seasonal meals cooked with love with ingredients sourced from within 5 kms

Standard Cottage Rates

Child (6 yrs & above)
Additional 12% GST

How to get there?

Delhi-Hapur-Kashipur-Ramanagar- Marchula-Village Kopi
7 hours approx
280 Kms
Dehradun-Haridwar-Najibabad-Dhampur-Kashipur-Ramanagar-Marchula-Village Kopi
7 Hours
260 Kms
Village Kupi, Marchula,
Bhairankhaal Road, Ramnagar,
Uttarakhand 244715
+91-7042722202, +91-6395270035,
+91-9411188136, +91-9818735994