About Us

The Green People is a community that is working towards a conceptually new blend of Eco-Tourism, Agro-Tourism and Rural-Tourism. Our efforts are driven towards economic development of rural India by offering the insight into the impact of human beings on the environment and thus bridging the gap between rural and urban India. Our beliefs are rooted in reviving old traditions of farming and associated practices. We wish to make the land of the Gods the heaven it was. We work towards letting the people of the hills stay and take up occupations that are gradually becoming redundant. Our desire is to promote development alongside ecologically responsible means.

We are a young organization run by spirited individuals who have come together for a common goal. We are from all walks of life and some of us are volunteering for the love of the hills. Our Agenda is to bring significant environmental, conservation, social and economic benefits to all sectors of the society.

Bakri Chhap Natural Himalayan Produce comes directly from the farmers of Himalayas who are on the verge of leaving agriculture due to the fact that they have not been getting good prices for their produce.  This happens mainly because of too many middlemen between the actual producer and final consumer.  Green People, through Bakri Chhap, is Creating a brand for the farmers of Himalayan Villages.

Chote Kisano Ka Bada Brand, Bakri Chhap

Typically, the marginal farmers are forced to sell at low rates because once they reach the Mandi, they need to off-load their produce at whatever best rates they can garner on that very day. Here, the collection centers are at the door step of marginal farmers in Himalayas - weeding out middlemen from the food supply chain management to a large scale. The model has already created successful Peer to Peer relationships between farmers and bulk hotels users.

Organic ka Baap, Bakri Chhap

Natural, perhaps better than organic. There are still many villages in Uttarakhand that grow their crops in a traditional way using natural ingredients. These produce that are grown in the pristine climate of the hills, free from pollution and chemicals are perhaps even better than merely being organic. However, they are not “certified organic”. Not yet. These farmers would require education, skilling and mandatory paper-work to be stamped Organic. We, at Bakri Chhap believe that the gradual journey of these micro farmers towards organic certification will not start with a new-technology laboratory test but with the re-establishment of their faith in their own centuries old traditional craft. By and large, their produce is natural loaded with antioxidants and minerals; owing to the location of fields, manual farming and perennial sources of natural irrigation.

Yet, there is no reason why this largely organic, natural product should not get a premium for what it already is. Bakri Chaap is the pre-cursor (or call it predecessor – therefore baap) to Organic.


  • Natural produce with minimalistic or no inorganic chemicals by promoting ancient and natural forms of agriculture.
  • Preserving Micro-Culture in Villages to create a conducive platform for reverse migration by creating profitable and sustainable agricultural and related practices.
  • Encouraging regional micro-cuisine by engaging national and global Culinary experts in our journey to basics.
  • Diversified product portfolio- Creating a Nutritious and Diversified Platter of usual derivations of wheat and rice paired with almost extinct (Due to lack of good price and market) food grains and pulses like Mandua, Zhangoora, Gahat, Sunta, Bajranga, Bhatt, Rare Rajma, etc.
  • Collection Centers at the Door Step of Farmers in Himalayas - plucking out middlemen from the food supply chain management, thus reducing the gap between Growers and Consumers to almost NIL.


Few luxury hotels such as Ananda, Vana, Jaypee, JW Marriott, Leela, Crowne Plaza, fewer up-market super stores, wellness experts, food critics and the guests coming to The Goat Villages.

We invite you straight to the sourcing farms and enjoy the hospitality in our beautiful farm retreats, The Goat Villages to get a sense of the unique ecosystem the delivers Bakri Chhap products to you. As a pioneering step, you will not have any compulsion of the payment i.e., Pay What You Like .

To read more about our journey so far, some path breaking differentiators, the impact we’ve been able to create and the vision, click here.