My Mom’s Village by Bakri Chaap, Basti, Uttar Pradesh

Mai Ka Gaon

What if you are taken to the 100-years-old ancestral estate having orchards, fishery ponds and farmlands of certified organic land bank.. hard to imagine right? But we have it for you in real- My Mom’s Village is that place! It’s located in the central district of Basti in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh.

Places To Visit

  •  Go Dolphin Spotting- Just 27 Kms from the Estate lies the Ghaghara River – home to the Largest Fresh Water Mammal in the World- The Gangetic Dolphin
  • On Buddhas Trail- Lumbini: The birthplace of Lord Buddha is 4 hour Drive from the estate Kushinagar: The place where Lord Buddha passed away is a couple of hours drive from the estate
  • Budhadhya- The revered Birthplace of Lord Rama is just an hour and a half’s Drive (72 Km)from the estate and makes for a perfect day excursion.
  • Sant Kabir Nagar / Maghar- The resting place of Century Sufi Saint–Sant Kabir Das is just a 20 minutes drive (18 Kms.) 


  • Stay in Ethnic Mud Huts and low impact swiss tents set around small villages and hamlets
  • Feast on the Organic Produce of the Farm cooked on Traditional wood stoves
  •  Cultural evening around the Bonfire showcasing the local Cultures, music, and life
  • Be the artist at the open-air art gallery– graffiti, painting the village walls and houses.
  • Experience tractor rides/bullock-cart rides as part of local transport
  • Get your hand on organic farming, go fishing at one of the ponds, visit ancient temples


Located in the central district of Basti in eastern Uttar Pradesh, My Mom’s Village is a departure from the deep-rooted patriarchal mindset and establishes a strong ‘pro-matriarchal’ precedence instilling an essence of ‘Women Empowerment’.Tucked away in the 100 acres private estate, replete with orchards, fishery ponds and farmlands (including 42 acres of certified organic land bank) is a 100-year-old ancestral estate. A dozen mud house cluster will be built around the existing structure, for tourists. The place is surrounded by a healthy eco-system of flora and fauna.


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