Bakri Chhap Presents the 1st edition of National Kiwi Fruit Festival

You love kiwi
We love kiwi
Agar Festival hota hai sab ka
To hum logon ka Kiw Nhi

The Juciest event this winter is back. Because Kiw Nhi

Let’s Celebrate National Kiwi Fruit Festival

At Bakri Chhap we are on a mission to create market linkage for micro-marginalized farmers. The Kiwi growers with market linkage and value-addition infrastructures will flourish. This Festival will open multiple avenues of Value Chain Creation for Kiwi fruit and Himalayan Growers.

National Kiwi Fruit Festival is a special occasion where we celebrate the simplicity of the fruit kiwi and the humility of its growers around our nation. 

National Kiwi Fruit Festival 2022

Through National Kiwi Fruit Festival we want to attract more decision-makers from different parts of the nation including producers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, retailers, and supporting industries.

Through the festival, we want to create a platform for the congregation of kiwi growers, lovers, customers, buyers and students of agriculture and horticulture streams and food processors.

This is the event if you are interested in the potential of Kiwi. Get empowered through the exchange of knowledge and learn about the value and importance of the kiwi fruit and its cultivation and value-addition techniques.

National Kiwi Fruit Festival 2022 Award Categories

  1. Lifetime achievements in the field of kiwi fruit growing and extension of its growing methods.
  2. First National award for best kiwi fruit Grower of the year 2022: any SHG, individual and group or FPO
  3. Best product made by kiwi fruit for the year 2022
  4. Kiwi farmer of the year 2022 (individual)
  5. Kiwi Village of the year 2022

Be a Kiwihero

Be a part of First Ever National Kiwi Fruit Festival

Venue and Date

Venue: Tarab Ling Institute, Village Asthal, Dehradun
Date: 21/12/22
For Enquiry and booking Call: +91-9870765758, +91-8755429629
or Email