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Our Upcoming Plans

20 new Hideouts in next 1 year

In our endeavor to support marginalized, small and micro farmers we have pledged to give market linkage to 20 farm/home stay for our farmers community and create distinct ecosystems out of them.

2 Eco Villages in next 1 year

The test tube babies of super villages of the future, housing a heterogeneous community and an intellectual factory of pro-planet, pro-people and pro-profit ideas aimed to create a launchpad for many new innovations in the space of sustainability.

We are happy to announce our first opening in Kumaon, under the Hideouts management and Mad2Mud affiliation in Village Kupi, district Almorha. With this association, we set our footprint in India’s biggest National Park.

Besides strengthening our supplier and buyer base for Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. July, 2016, we also will undertake an initiative called *Walk the talk*, in the lieu of dissuading guests from doing stereo type jeep safari. ‘Walk the Talk’ will be an interpretive infotainment experience with a blend of humour, environmental education, flora, fauna, local cuisine and culture.

We will be training girls from Kupi and the neighbourhood villages to create the first ever female guided village tour experience in Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, in an attempt to lessen the burden on traditional wildlife safari experiences and create a unique walking tour for guests visiting CTR. In our humble attempt, we are collaborating with some known naturalists from the country to train and prepare our girls.

While ‘reverse migration of humans’ was our social responsibility plank at The Goat Villages (by The Green People), ‘reverse migration of wild creatures’ will be our champion cause here. And instead of focussing on big mammals like tigers and elephants, we will concentrate on bottom of the food chain creatures like birds, reptiles and insects.

We at the Green People have been successful at bringing about a positive change in terms of generating employment and bringing about reverse migration in rural areas of Uttarakhand. Our model is being emulated and implemented by the Uttarakhand government as well. The biggest proof of our success is that, real estate prices have gone up due to enhanced tourism in areas in and around the goat villages at Nag Tibba and Dayara Bugyal.

We have been working with marginalized farmers by providing them with market linkage and eliminating middlemen, under our brand Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. July, 2016 – chhote kisano ka bada brand. At BCP, we work with nearly 150 farmers directly & 500+ farmers indirectly across 45+ villages and have striven to provide them with fair trade prices. BCP has collected over 1,26,130 KGs farm produce from over 500 farmers in operating regions.