I am Lal Bhaat, also known as Lal Chawal or Red Rice. I have a nutty flavor along with higher nutritional value. I am a rich source of iron, zinc, potassium, sodium, manganese, minerals, dietary fiber, carbohydrates, protein, fiber content, vitamin B1, B6 and B2, iron and calcium. Because of higher nutritive value that I carry, I am advised for heart patients and diabetes. Fitness gurus love dishes out of me because of my high fibre content that helps in weight loss. I am a great source of antioxidants which lets me help safeguard you from free radicals. Magnesium within me helps to manage your normal breathing pattern. Consuming me regularly will help you fight asthma. I am whole grain, hence high in fiber and thus alleviate constipation.

Availability: Round the year
Shelf Life: 12 months


Red Rice Kheer (pudding), Pulao, Lemon Red Rice

Picture By: @thedreampalate

NUTRIENTS (per 100 gm)

Calorie: 333.3
Total Fat 0 g
Sodium 0 g
Potassium 211.1mg
Carbohydrates 80g
Protein 6.7g
Calcium 44.4 mg