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Bakri Chhap FAB Multi Grain Porridge 3kg


FAB Porridge is quite high in Fiber, Iron as well as proteins. Multi Millet porridge highly anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory and good for preventing heart diseases all packed in a gluten free meal.

Category: Grains

Note: Please note that the image shown on our website is for a 500-gram variation

This Bakri Chhap Pack Contains 3kg of FAB Multi Millet Porridge from Hills of Uttarakhand by motivated Green People.

  • HEALTHY, GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN: Bakri Chhap presents fusion of ‘F’inger Millet, ‘A’maranth and ‘B’arnyard Millet and takes pride to gift the finest blend of few of the most nutritious and beneficial millets and grains in the world.
  • NO ADDITIVES: BAKRI CHHAP is proud of its rich culture and tradition and that’s why we serve you with good old products of Himalaya, with a back story behind it with no chemicals, preservatives and flavouring


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