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Bakri Chhap Himalayan Haldi Powder -100 Gm


Bakri Chhap Haldi powder is sourced from marginalized farmers of Uttarakhand. Filled with goodness this turmeric is naturally grown and processed with the least carbon footprint.
SKU: B09J15HF6V-1
Category: Herbs and Spices

Bakri Chhap Natural Himalayan Haldi Powder is a high-quality turmeric powder sourced from marginalized farmers in Uttarakhand. This magnificent spice is naturally grown and processed with the least carbon footprint, ensuring that it is filled with goodness and free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Our Natural Himalayan Haldi Powder has a deep, rich color and a bold, earthy flavor that adds depth and complexity to any dish. It is perfect for adding to curries, soups, and other dishes, and it is also a great addition to smoothies and other beverages. Not only does it add flavor and color to your cooking, but it also has numerous health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects. Try our Natural Himalayan Haldi Powder today and experience the full flavor and health benefits of this ancient spice.


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