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Nitish Waila
Noida, India,
Review from 20 Aug 2017

The ideal mountain abode, home away from home.

A cup of hot camomile tea, freshly plucked from their garland, and shining white Himalayan peaks right in front is how The Goat Village, Dayara Bugyal welcomed me. Wooden cottages that blends architecturally so well with that environment are the first things that will catch your eyes as soon as you reach the place, and one of those was my abode for the rest of my time at The Goat Village. A picture perfect start for my day, nothing can be better than that for a mountain lover. Along with the astounding views, the generosity of people and their amazing hospitality is something that I would not be wrong if I call it my second home. If you really wish to enjoy the experience then I would say get involved in the daily activities that these people do. Learn the aspects of farming and growing your own food, get into the kitchen and learn how to make those delicious pahadi cuisines with all natural ingredients, which reminds me of those mouth-watering dishes that we had. Food dreams guaranteed. For nature lovers and hikers there are a thousand reasons to be pleased with. The place itself is located 400 mtrs above the whole village so it lies in a quite seclusion. Along with the fantastic views, it also lies within the trail of Dayara Bugyal. Now for those who havent heard about Dayara Bugyal yet, you are seriously missing out on something that is out this world. Bugyal is a local term for Meadows, and Dayara meadows are indeed one of the most scenic infinite stretch of grasslands that I have ever seen, and I do travel a lot in the mountains. The trail itself is blessed with hundreds of varieties of wild flowers making it so full of aroma that you might just get lost into it. I would highly recommend staying on top in your tents for 1 night and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and sunrise to feel the place. More than anything, what I love the most about Goat Village is their amazing concept of building the sustainable lifestyle for villagers and bringing them back to their roots. Almost the whole new generation of the villagers have moved out in search for employment and the mountain villages are on the verge of getting extinct, thus creating a threat of wiping out a complete community. These villagers have such an amazing culture, the hospitality, the positivity and love in their hearts, and I highly doubt that all of this is going stay within if they start migrating to the cities. Thus came The Goat Village, trying hard to create equal or better opportunities for them right at their home. Employment for villagers is just a stepping stone, they are indeed building the whole villages, helping them grow indigenous crops and improving the quality of it to sustain a much better lifestyle. Overall I would say The Goat Village, Dayara Bugyal is not just an option to go, it is indeed THE place to experience rich culture, astounding Himalayan landscape, heart warming hospitality of people, and super tasty healthy local food. If you haven't been there yet, then plan for it. The sooner the better. And no I have not been paid to write all this, its what I do feel about the place and I am sure you will too.


Taru R29
Dehradun, India
Review from 19 Feb 2017

A Place that changed my life!

What started as a fun, adventurous solo trip, changed my life in so many ways that I cannot recount. Every traveling adventure gently changes me in so many small, big ways that helps me grow and embrace everything that Life has to offer in the most cheerful way. What changed inside me after visiting this place was the essence and spirit that holds the foundations of this village. This village symbolizes simplicity and integrity with the agenda to change the world step-by-step, one day at a time. It views the environment as mother who provides and must be respected for what it is. With minimum carbon imprint, this village helped me in believing that the world isn’t really heading to devastation and there are people like me who care about mother nature and want the planet to be a better place to live in. Not only the positive environment impact it creates, Goat village helps people to find a well- balanced way between luxury, hospitality with impact. From the kitchen staff to the volunteers to your hospitality crew that looks after every need you have, they make sure a positive message is carved in every action they take that leaves a lasting impact on guests.
For eg., The Hot water bottle bag that keeps you warm and snug all night long. This is so much better than the electricity consuming, pollution causing heaters or blowers. With the philosophy of minimalism holding everything here, you have quaint cottages with window-beds that give you an overwhelmingly beautiful view that cannot be put into words. You have food that is sourced directly from the tilled lands of the Garwal Mountains and put on the plate lovingly by the hardworking, adorable Kitchen staff members who serve you with so much love and kindness that is hard to find in big cities. The love of the kitchen staff and the crew pours onto the plates with nutritiously abundant, tasty and mouth-watering food that hugs your tastebuds tight and good! The volunteers are a cheerful bunch who will be there to assist, talk, make you smile and do everything it takes to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
To sum it all, even if you are a lone old like myself , you are going to find the most beautiful people in the most beautiful village community who will not make you feel alone. Every person who comes here , goes back a changed man undoubtedly and that is enough said for the place in question. P.S : I am left in an emotional state right now remembering my 2 beautiful days spent in Goat village and the adventure memories I had here. Someone in Bangalore misses you all terribly.
P.S.S: Special Mention to Subhash, Mahesh, Yamini, The entire kitchen staff and the volunteers for being so adorable and loving. I love you all!
πŸ˜€ If Possible, Support their cause and help them sustain and survive so that that their radiance spreads far and wide and more people are impacted by Goat Village Community.

Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. Testimonials

Highly recommend!

Millet is generally superior to wheat, corn, and rice in terms of protein content. It is a good source of fiber and offers protection against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Even better when multiple millets are combined together! As a Dietician I recommended this to the clients. Highly recommend ✨

Reviewed in India on 31 July 2019

Must try πŸ™‚

Super tasty πŸ˜‹ All the Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. July, 2016 are authentic & one of a kind. They are naturally grown in the Himalayan regions of Uttarakhand and coming directly via local farmers & I’m a person who you should believe as I’ve been to the place (Goat Village, NagTibba) where the food is grown and it has been an experience of a lifetime. Those made me order more products on a regular basis

Reviewed in India on 1 April 2019

Tasty and Healthy

For anyone who is health conscious and likes tasty food, FAB Flour is a perfect combination. Just mix it with regular wheat flour, it’ll not only give rotis of wonderful texture but also good taste. Nutritious and good for digestion. Surely, buying it again.

Reviewed in India on 26 July 2019

Super stuff

Have been adding FAB Multi Millet flour to the regular wheat flour to make Rotis in my house everyday. Wonderful texture and taste. Very easy on the gut, super Healthy and has helped the elderly in my house improve their digestion with this. Highly recommended for daily use.

Reviewed in India on 29 May 2019

Healthy organic product

This is one of my favourite products of Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. July, 2016 as it’s super healthy & nutritious. Also the gahat dal is very helpful for people having stomach diseases and stone problems. Must try product.

Reviewed in India on 1 April 2019

Freshness and taste of hills

Absolutely yummy rajma, doesn’t need much too make it so, naturally tasty. I used to look for jammu rajma always but thanks to this new found brand by my cousin’s recommendations I switched to Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. July, 2016. Used their honey also. it was really good.

Reviewed in India on 11 May 2019

Amazing product!

It’s a great product. I have used multiple bottles of this honey and gifted to my loved ones too. So far the best honey I used, free from any preservative or artificial substance.

Reviewed in India on 12 June 2021

Honey at its best!

Wat a product! it’s so pure, smells nice, taste wonderful, remember good old village days where we used to get pure honey direct from source and this is one of them. Getting fan of Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. July, 2016. So natural so original. Will definitely recommend and thanks to team Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. July, 2016 as we are able to order these products online.

Reviewed in India on 27 February 2019