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The Hideout Upasana

The Hideout Upasana, Marchula, Ramnagar

The Hideout Upasana is located in Kupi, Marchula, Uttarakhand, and it is everything a typical hilly tourist spot is not. Far away from the main hub and din of popular resorts and hotels in the Jim Corbett National Park area, this place is perfect to calm the city dweller’s weary nerves. And with a tributary of the Ramganga river passing right through our habitat, it is easy to lose yourself in nature here. All you need to do is just get here and we’ll help you do nothing.

While ‘reverse migration of humans’ was our social responsibility plank at The Goat Villages ‘reverse migration of wild creatures’ is our champion cause here. And instead of focussing on big mammals like tigers and elephants, our concentration is on the bottom of the food chain creatures like birds, reptiles and insects.

The Space

Sustainability being our key driving force, we have tried to keep the place as minimalistic and rustic as possible.

  • Eight cottages amid vast agriculture fields and mango & litchi orchards, located in the middle of the forest, surrounded by hills.
  • A rivulet passing through our own habitat,
  • Open cafe with mountain and river views,
  • Highly diverse flora and fauna, including lesser-known birds and mammals,
  • Biodiversity hotspot owing to tributary of Ramganga river
  • Regional and seasonal meals cooked with love with ingredients sourced from within 5 kms


  • 8 neat and basic cottages
  • 1 dormitories and tents available on demand
  • Cold water in abundance, hot water rationed
  • Star and moonlit open air sleeping arrangements possible, subject to weather conditions

Things to do

  • Walk the Talk – A walking tour that is an interpretive infotainment experience with a blend of humour, environmental education, flora, fauna, local cuisine and culture
  • River Trail – Walk by the gurgling mountain river culminating in the confluence of Kumaon and Garhwal hills
  • Lazing by the riverside
  • Cooking with wood – fire
  • Variation of outdoor meal venues
  • Bonfire experience.
  • Mud bathing in in-house pond during monsoon

Getting There

Via Delhi

Delhi– Hapur- Kashipur- Ramanagar- Marchula- Village Kopi

Time : 7 hours approx

Distance: 280 Kms

Via Dehradun

Dehradun– Haridwar- Najibabad – Dhampur- Kashipur- Ramanagar- Marchula- Village Kopi

Time: 7 Hours approx.

Distance: 260 Km

Rate Chart to be provided