The Hideout Riverside by Bakri Chhap, Kupi, Marchula, Uttarakhand

Nadiya Kinare Pedon ki Chanv, Parwat ke piche ek Chidiya Gaon.

We have heard in our childhood stories where a rivulet passing through the habitat and people living in the middle of dense forest full of orchards. Now this story can be a real life experience only at ‘The Hideout Upasana’, located in Kupi, Marchula, Uttarakhand.

Places To Visit

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  • Rivulet passing through our own habitat
  • Open cafe with mountain and river views & diverse flora and fauna
  • Jim Corbett National Park- explore the adventure of seeing wildlife
  • Mud bathing in in-house pond during monsoon
  • Hike and walking tours amidst the nature
  • Cooking with wood fire &variation of outdoor meal venues
  • Bonfire experience


The Hideout Upasana is located in Kupi, Marchula, Uttarakhand, and it is everything a typical hilly tourist spot is not. Far away from the main hub and din of popular resorts and hotels in the Jim Corbett National Park area, this place is perfect to calm the city dweller’s weary nerves. And with a tributary of the Ramganga river passing right through our habitat, it is easy to lose yourself in nature here. All you need to do is just get here and we’ll help you do nothing.

~ INR 5000 – 7000

Per Night

  • Inclusive of Meals
  • Experiences Included
  • Transport not Included