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Back in 2016, we started with an organization called Green People, working towards reverse migration of marginalized farmers via our two channels namely ‘The Goat Village’ & ‘Bakri Chhap’. While through the former we promoted farm retreats/ home stays and revived abandoned villages by leveraging their tourism potential, through the latter, we provided market linkage to indigenous farm produce naturally grown by the community that we worked with. We managed to transform an ecosystem altogether and became the only successful reverse-migration model of the state which has one of the highest concentration of NGOs. We achieved a huge social equity despite being a for-profit organization.

Credible & validated sources suggest we’ve influenced more than 68 times increase in footfalls in a lesser known lower sub Himalayan treks in under 4 years owing to our social engineering and innovative destination marketing methods, (1200 to 82,000 persons per year ), resulting in activation of more than 100 community run home stays and 300 mule owners foreclosing their loans, getting free insurance & vaccination to 5000 goats and providing free computer education to village kids in Jaunpur region of District Tehri Garhwal. At Bakri Chhap, we work with nearly 80 farmers directly & over 500 farmers indirectly and have strived to provide fair trade prices by eliminating middlemen and providing quality produce to leading hotel chains, superstores and online platforms.

In due course of time we learned that some disruptive marketing blended with social engineering with green bent of mind was the only missing link from rural ecosystems to create pro-people & pro-planet, yet for profit business model.

We had started this community as a simple WhatsApp group during the first wave of corona. While millions of 'White Collared' workers lost their jobs or took a steep cut in salaries due to near total collapse of industries like Hospitality, Tourism, Aviation, Real Estate, Entertainment, Media and so on, another million 'Blue Collared' workers who built the hardware and infrastructure of our cities and urban industries, are back to their villages after arduous journey with possibility of very few coming back. Cost & quality of living as well as well as future employment opportunities in cities in post covid era is no brainer, whereas rural India with more than half a million pristine villages cut across length and breadth of India with unique opportunities are ready to embrace you.