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About Us

We are a pro planet, pro people and for-profit organisation committed to integrated rural development. With sustainability being our religion, minimalism our governing philosophy and reduce, reuse and recycle being our holy trinity, we plan to carve India's next success story, straight from its villages.

Impact in last 5 years

  • 70 Times Increase in Tourist foot fall
  • 6 Times Growth in Land Prices
  • 80% Additional population adopted traditional farming
  • 70% Conservation of heritage rural homes

Our Initiatives

At the Hideouts we promote farm retreats/ homestays by restoring the eco-tourism potential of abandoned villages.
Through Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. July, 2016 (chhote kisano ka bada brand) we provide market linkage to indigenous farm produce from the marginalised farmers' community.
Madhouse to Mudhouse is an organisation providing management consulting for rural relocation & agro-tourism and market linkage to marginalized farmers.

Our Upcoming Plan/ Project

20 new Hideouts in next 1 year

In our endeavor to support marginalized, small and micro farmers we have pledged to give market linkage to 20 farm/home stay for our farmers community and create distinct ecosystems out of them.

2 Eco Villages in next 1 year

The test tube babies of super villages of the future, housing a heterogeneous community and an intellectual factory of pro-planet, pro-people and pro-profit ideas aimed to create a launchpad for many new innovations in the space of sustainability.

We are happy to announce our first opening in Kumaon, under the Hideouts management and Mad2Mud affiliation in Village Kupi, district Almorha. With this association, we set our footprint in India's biggest National Park.


Survivor Man

Mooji baba

Awards & Recognitions

Bakri Swayamvar among Top 5 Best Social Impact Projects at the Indian Responsible Tourism Awards

The Goat Village won Gold Award at WTM, World Responsible Tourism Awards, 2019 under the category, 'Best For Benefitting Local People'.

The Goat Village chosen among 14 global Leaders in Responsible Tourism by WTM (also being the only one from India).

The Goat Village, Nag Tibba has won the Gold Award at the Indian Responsible Tourism Awards (IRTA) 2019 in “The Best Earth Friendly Stays in India" category.

TGV, Nag Tibba made it to the Top 5 among the Best Community Run Home Stays in India at IRTA.

Winner of TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Award (given to only 1% of accommodations across the globe).

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