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Experiential Tourism at the Hideouts

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Change Before Climate Change

A movement to spread climate consciousness in rural India

Strengthening the rural landscape of India by REPURPOSING AND REPOSITIONING the abandoned houses in villages for TOURISM and then integrating A DIRECT MARKET LINKAGE PLATFORM for local produce, unique art, craft, and products from these villages.

When you travel with us or buy from us, be assured that you have made an impact on a farmer you can connect to in his native homestay

We Are The Market Place For Rural India


Chote Kisano ka Brand

The farm produce that we collect is grown in the traditional way using natural ingredients which are an intrinsic part of the village. It is loaded with antioxidants and minerals as manual farming practices and perennial sources of natural irrigation.

Rajma | Honey | FAB Millets | Haldi (Turmeric) | Red Rice |

Bakrichhap The Hideouts

From breathtakingly beautiful untrodden haunts where one can enjoy local culture, heritage, delicious cuisine, and, if one wishes, get hands-on with agriculture, horticulture, and animal husbandry to Slipping into the slumber in the splendid comfort and solitude of the Hideout. Your day is your manifestation of vacation with Bakrichhap.

Dinner@Peak | Walk in the River | Marble Games | A Village Evening | Camping – In mid of nowhere | Pack your Bakrichhap Packet

Treading through the lanes of serenity.Discover your roots that you left behind.
Glamourising the Farmer & Ruralising the Urban

Madhouse to Mudhouse

Creating a greener Alternate living Ecosystem in rural India for urban community. Our living spaces will take inspiration from local vernacular traditions and make use of local materials and climate adapted designs. Through this we also intend to build India’s first pan national community that combines the best of urban talent with rural wisdom where Diversely skilled, passionate facilitators & skilled professionals work jointly to improve rural ecosystems
Essentially Designed | Consciously Planned | Connected with Local Community | Eco Friendly Living & Practices | Develop scope of Employment | Promote natural Farming practices

Change Before Climate Change

Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. is a socially responsible organization that is dedicated to preserving our planet’s nature and heritage.

To raise awareness among the people throughout the country, a representative, Rupesh Kumar Rai (Founder) from the Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd., is undertaking a Zero Carbon Footprint Cycle Yatra (tour), covering 12,000 kilometers in 06 states and visiting 120 Gram panchayats over 12 months. During this journey, marginalized communities will be supported, and millions of diverse villagers will be educated about pro-environmental practices, traditional agriculture, and water conservation. Also, we will identify and support the capable people in the village who can be the future resource for climate change.

Promoting community-led initiatives in the field of Rural/Tribal Tourism and creating infrastructure

Volunteer @ Bakrichaap

Work with us on our Volunteering Program  through Volunteer@Bakrichhap and avail an opportunity to earn our coveted, one of it’s kind Rural Warrior Badge.

Capacity Building | Recycling | Skill Building | Hospitality | Soil Conservation|

Your chance to earn a Rural Warrior Badge