About Us

We Support Marginalised Farmers Of India

Our Vision

BakriChhap envisions a sustainable future for rural India, where traditional practices thrive alongside responsible tourism, fostering vibrant communities empowered by their natural and cultural heritage.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revitalize rural economies through the promotion of sustainable products and experiences, harnessing the power of local resources and knowledge. We aim to create a platform that bridges the gap between rural artisans, farmers, and responsible travelers, fostering economic growth while preserving indigenous traditions.

About Us:

BakriChhap is a pioneering platform and marketplace dedicated to showcasing “rural Indian” sustainable products and fostering responsible travel experiences. Our journey began over a decade ago in an abandoned village nestled within the lower Garhwal Himalayas. Through innovative social interventions, we revitalized the community, witnessing an 80-fold increase in footfall and a resurgence of traditional architecture. This transformation not only brought farmers back to their homes but also revived traditional crops in fallow fields, thanks to new market linkages facilitated by our platform and capacity-building efforts.

By facilitating market linkages and empowering locals, we transformed fallow fields into thriving agricultural hubs, catalyzing a successful reverse migration model. Our pioneering approach gave rise to “Hyperlocal Rural Reality Tourism,” igniting interest in off-grid destinations and driving economic growth. Agricultural land prices rose fivefold, establishing a sustainable model in a region plagued by rural outmigration.

Expanding our footprint, we empower communities to co-create thematic villages, celebrating hyperlocal realities through events like Goat Weddings and Grass Cutting Fests. Additionally, we provide market linkage for ethically grown farm produce, fostering sustainable livelihoods.

Recently, we’ve ventured into consulting, collaborating with Rural Tourism boards of MP & UP to curate over a dozen “villages of the future, from the past.” Our vision is to cultivate a new generation of ecopreneurs, who serve as stewards of natural and cultural heritage, driving sustainable change at the grassroots level.

Guided by principles of People Care, Earth Care, and Fair Share, we prioritize regenerative practices and advocate for environmental stewardship. Through Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint and maximize social impact.

Operating in a challenging ecosystem marked by infrastructure and capital deficiencies, we remain consistent in our commitment to rural development. Unlike legacy players driven solely by profit, we prioritize structural and cultural reforms, empowering rural communities to reclaim their ancestral professions and revitalize their way of life.

Social Economic Impact

We excel in social engineering & community mobilization to develop micro-entrepreneurial agro-tourism models. One Bakri Chhap Theme Village, rejuvenates the environmental, agricultural & cultural heritage of 20-30 villages.

Rise in number of travellers around the Bakrichhap villages
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Value of Traditional Farm Produce increased three fold
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Increase in female solo travellers
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Increase in the prices of farmer’s land
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Our Story

Back in 2016, we started with an organization called Green People, working towards reverse migration of marginalized farmers via our two channels namely ‘The Goat Village’ & ‘Bakri Chhap’. While through the former we promoted farm retreats/ home stays and revived abandoned villages by leveraging their tourism potential, through the latter, we provided market linkage to indigenous farm produce naturally grown by the community that we worked with. We managed to transform an ecosystem altogether and became the only successful reverse-migration model of the state which has one of the highest concentration of NGOs. We achieved a huge social equity despite being a for-profit organization.

Our Fabulous Farmers

The farm produce that we collect is grown in the traditional way using natural ingredients which are an intrinsic part of the village.

Sangita Devi

She is Sangita Devi from Matholi village in Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand. Sangita lives 

Prema Devi

Prema Devi lives in Matholi village which is also known by the name of The Womens Village by 

Ababal Singh Kaintura

Ababal Singh Kaintura is an experienced farmer with 5 children, who has the wisdome to 

Jaipal Singh

Jaipal Singh lives in Lawdi village in Dehradun which is also known for the 9th century and 

Manbeer Singh

Manbeer Singh is another hard working farmer from Baret village in Uttarkashi District of 

Vimla Devi

Vimla Devi also a proud traditional farmer. She along with her husband and daughter-in-law

Naresh Singh Kainture

Naresh Singh Kainture from Matholi village in Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand is also a 

Sovat Singh

Sovat Singh from Chilot village in Uttarkashi District also depends on farming and lives with 

Priyanka Devi

Priyanka Devi lives in Tipri village in Uttarkashi District along woth her husband and her 

Suraj Lal

Suraj Lal from Chilot Village in Uttarkashi District lives with his wife, 2 sons, and 4 daughters. 

Banchi Devi

Banchi Devi from Chilot village in Uttarkashi District is another farmer who had been

Maimber Singh

I am Maimber Singh from Chilot village in Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand. He along with

Pratima Devi

Pratima Devi from Chilot village in Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand is an old widow who lives

Sobna Devi

Sobna Devi from Chilot village in Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand ia a young widow who 

Jumli Devi

I am Jumli Devi from Chilot village in Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand is an old widow who lives 

Radha Devi

Radha Devi from Chilot village in Uttarkashi District has completed her schooling till class