Rural communities


Bakri Chhap Consulting

Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natual Products Pvt. Ltd., through a public-private partnership, is working on a sustainable mechanism of tourism development to benefit the local community in the villages of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Bakri Chhap identifies suitable locations and beneficiaries for building tourism infrastructure, organizes training of resources in the respective skills and activity domain, promotes each of these activities, and supervises project-related activities across the districts. Through these projects, Bakri Chhap works to support and help sustain eco-friendly indigenous and traditional practices and conserve, preserve, and protect the environment and cultural heritage of rural India.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board (MPTB) has signed MOU with Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natual Products Pvt. Ltd. for the next three years for nine villages in Ashok Nagar, Indore, and Khargone districts for the promotion, implementation, and support of Rural tourism/ Rural Development Activities. The project’s objective is large-scale rural employment & income generation via promoting community-led initiatives in the field of Rural/Tribal Tourism and creating infrastructure for training, packaging, branding, and marketing of homestays and destinations under the partnership of the private and public sectors. These initiatives will suitably leverage the state’s natural bounty, underemployed human resources, and prosperous farm, history, heritage, and cultural diversity.

Uttar Pradesh

Directorate of Tourism, Uttar Pradesh has selected Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natual Products Pvt. Ltd. as a project partner for developing rural tourism initiatives in the villages of the Varanasi and Basti districts. Bakri Chhap is developing Tarapur village as “The Boat Village” and Shivpur village in Basti District as “My Mom’s Village“. The project includes homestay and infrastructure development, establishing Farm & Forest produce branding & market linkages, and delivering consulting & allied services for these projects on a long-term basis.

Planeterra is the leading community tourism organization working to improve lives around the world. Established in 2003 by entrepreneur, author and philanthropist Bruce Poon Tip, Planeterra is a non-profit organization that has contributed millions of dollars towards projects in areas of social enterprise, healthcare, conservation, and emergency response. It’s activities are:

  • Community tourism enterprise development
  • Capacity building for community enterprises
  • Market connectivity for community enterprises

Bakri Chhap Agro Tourism and Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. have partnered/ collaborated with Planeterra to support, empower and encourage rural communities and provide them with the necessary tools to thrive and sustain and to promote sustainable and responsible tourism.

Madhouse To Mudhouse

What is an Eco Village?

  • Intentional or essentially designed communities
  • Producing least possible negative impact on the environment
  • Consciously planned Infrastructure
  • Regenerate and restore farming capabilities
  • Build Connection with Local Community
  • Develop scope of employment
  • Promote Eco-friendly living and practices

Design Concept

“Our living spaces will take inspiration from local vernacular traditions, and making use of local materials and climate adapted design.”

What are the basic needs for a community of 12 households?

A commune of 12 households, on a plot of at least 4acres.
Out of the total land we propose to use, approx.10% for building area and rest for agriculture purpose, recreation and community use