Responsible Gifting

Memories from the Himalayas is a hand-crafted collection representing a few of the indigenous micro-cultures from the hinterlands of rural India.

These cultures that have provided sustainable & planet-friendly livelihoods for thousands of years are now on the brink of extinction.

With Memories from the Himalayas, we are attempting to help re-establish the faith of marginalized communities in their age-old traditional farming & craft practices and bring you & your dear ones a unique, delectable taste & health wrapped together in the form of these gift hampers.

Our goats love to gift as well! 

In the hinterlands of Himalayas, an experience like never before…

As a goodwill return gift, we’re happy to offer you a one-night stay for two persons at our beautiful farm-retreat, The Goat Village, Dayara Bugyal, for a minimum purchase of INR 10,000.

With this, we also intend you to get a sense of the unique ecosystem that delivers Bakri Chhap products to you.