We Support Marginalised Farmers Of India


To be the leader in reviving and recreating every Indian village into a sustainable micro entrepreneurial ecosystems  aggregated under Bakrichhap.


Develop sustainable agro-tourism models pan India that conserve indigenous produce, culture & heritage 

Use Bakrichhap platform to connect urban travellers and consumers within the rural socio-cultural fabric.

Social Economic Impact

We excel in social engineering & community mobilization to develop micro-entrepreneurial agro-tourism models. One Bakri Chhap Theme Village, rejuvenates the environmental, agricultural & cultural heritage of 20-30 villages.  

Rise in number of travellers around the Bakrichhap villages
Increase in the prices of farmer’s land
Value of Traditional Farm Produce increased three fold
Free insurance & vaccination to 6000 goats
More than 300 mule owners debt free after earning from Tourism
Farmers returned to the Village
Increase in female solo travellers
Average Savings of Villagers increased 5 fold

Our Birth

Back in 2016, we started with an organization called Green People, working towards reverse migration of marginalized farmers via our two channels namely ‘The Goat Village’ & ‘Bakri Chhap’. While through the former we promoted farm retreats/ home stays and revived abandoned villages by leveraging their tourism potential, through the latter, we provided market linkage to indigenous farm produce naturally grown by the community that we worked with. We managed to transform an ecosystem altogether and became the only successful reverse-migration model of the state which has one of the highest concentration of NGOs. We achieved a huge social equity despite being a for-profit organization.

Our Team

Roopesh Rai


To be the leader in reviving and recreating every Indian village into a sustainable micro enterpreneurial ecosystems aggregated under Bakrichhap.



Our focus is cultural, environmental and heritage assets, besides financial ones & position ourselves as the new breed of ‘Asset Managers of Rural India’