The Goat Village, Dayara Bugyal, Uttarkashi

Eco-ing the sentiments!

If you were craving for star gazing at night in the solitude of the mountains then here we have our iconic themed village- The Goat Village, Dayara Bugyal,.
Situated at 7000ft. having beautifully carved in cozy wooden cottages.


  • Hiking in the hidden Kodia Forest
  • Home stay experiences in farmers and shepherds homes
  • Riverside dining, and camping in the woods
  • Dayara Bugyal Trek- Ideal trek for beginners 
  • Unique Butter festival- locally known as ‘Anduri’ happens in & around in the month of August or September, every year.

Places To Visit

  • Gangnani Sulphur Springs- perfect place for meditation, rejuvenation and treat to nature
  • Village Raithal – known for its rich agricultural and goat belts and indigenous way of


After a 77 km drive from Dehradun, walk for 400 meters to meet everything that’s largely recycled or reused. Some unique leisure experiences like hiking in the hidden Kodia Forest, home stay experiences in farmers and shepherds homes, riverside dining, and camping in the woods helps you commune with yourself, or the one you chose to share your space with.

Per Night

~ INR 5000-7000
  • Inclusive of Meals
  • Experiences Included
  • Transport not Included